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Re: [IP] Mom's reactions to my pregnancy

Sherry C wrote:

>>Am I supposed to feel guilty now for making my mom worry so much over this
"against advice pregnancy"?  How was I supposed to know she'd been laboring
under this idea all these years?  How many people has she told that I
have children??  How come no one ever told me???<<

I'm sorry your mom was given such dire warnings about diabetes and
pregnancy.  37 years ago, when I was diagnosed no one ever told anyone that
I couldn't have children.  22 years ago, when I conceived, everyone in the
family was thrilled (my daughter was the second granchild, my sister beat me
by 2 months, she is also long-term insulin dependent).  My doctor never gave
me dire warnings, he had lots of diabetic patients who had healthy children.
Btw, this was even before glucose meters and A1c's.  In those days, I went
to the doctor's every 3 months, they took a blood sample 2 hours after
breakfast and determined how well I was doing by that test.  Sure, I went
through a lot of testing during my pregnancy, but delivered a very healthy
baby 3 weeks early (she always was in a hurry and still is).

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