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[IP] Forgetting to bolus

>>>  Now I always check my last delivery time and
amount of bolus if I can't recall if I bolused or not.     >>>

The following is just coming out of me cuz it's gloomy out and I'm on a roll:
With each pump generation, there are new features. Here's what I went through
for 9 years: There was no clock on the pump, only the last bolus recall. I had
a lot of pain with a 6u delivery, so I would give 3 units, delay the other 3
units for three minutes. The pump had a delay-until-bolus feature - which I
think they could have had a better definition. My dilemma was, when I checked
to see how much I took, I didn't know if it was the first 3 units, or the
second 3 units - which would make quite a difference since I didn't always use
that feature.

I've been pumping over 17.5 years and I still forget to bolus sometimes.
Taking someone's pump away because of forgetting is almost like taking
injections away if they forget a shot at mealtime. Why? This is the method of
getting that insulin inside the body. A nice thing about Humalog (if that's
used) is that it works right away. Doing a BG check 2 hours after a meal
(after first bite) more or less tells the story whether or not there's insulin
to cover it. That way it doesn't take a lot longer to bring a high down if the
bolus was missed. YMMV (~_^)

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