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RE: [IP] Mom's reactions to my pregnancy

My mother is so dead set against me having a child of my own. She was
thrilled that we thought of adopting first instead of trying. Tell you what.
I think that maybe trying to have a child of my own would be a lot easier
than what we have  been through during the last year. We have since lost 3
children, and possibly a 4th. If that happens there will be no more unless I
have a child of my own.  I'm only 26 almost 27. have had Diabetes for 16
years. My mother was talking to me the other day. Being grateful for me not
having a child of my own, then she proceeded to talk about all the little
ones we have lost. She said that she has no real way to understand the pain
we are going through right not. But by the time I'm 35-40 I'll be dead and
she will have survived me. And then she will know what's like.  I say if you
want to have a family there are more ways than getting pregnant.  Unless you
are for sure that you and the baby would be absolutely safe then ok.  Right
now my blood sugars are no way in a range that would be safe for a baby,
plus no only to mention I would want to loose weight before under going such
a major thing.

Yeah we haven't been successful yet to adopt. But it does happen, and it
does create wonderful families. Every little one we have had, are my earth
bound angels!  I love them dearly and enjoy them more than words can say.
They might have only been with us a short time, but those memories will last
a life time. Good luck..

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