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Re: [IP] Basal Rates/Profiles

> On his extremely active days, I reduce the bolus for
> meals, add extra snacks, set temporary lowered basals  and he still
> goes low all night long.  A regular day works pretty good unless it
> was preceded by a few of the other days.  M

> CDE said that basal rates only need to be changed a few times per
> year, but he definitely needs a different amount for his variable
> lifestyle.   

Based on what has occured with Lily over the years, I'd say that your 
CDE is all wet and does not understand the great variability that 
exercise can introduce into the basal rates for an active kid. We 
have several preset basal reductions depending on the level and 
intensity of sports activites. On the other hand, for long periods of 
sitting -- such has travel all day in a car -- basals need to go up.

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