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[IP] RE: Pregnancy Worries

<<Everything has been going pretty well up until now with my bp and
everything. I will be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow. But this weekend my ankles
swelled up like balloons. I swear, my right foot looked like the elephant
man's. I hadn't been on my feet much, so I wasn't sure why this happened. So
I went out to one of those testing machines in a pharmacy to test my bp
yesterday. I don't know how accurate they are, but I got 152 over 97 and 157
over 96 from two consective tests. I was 120 over 80 just a week or so ago!
<snip>I go back to the ob this afternoon . . <snip>Anyone have any ideas or
comforting words here?>>
Hi Sherry, No ideas , , , but hoping maybe some words to comfort . . . I can
only compare to my experience 12 years ago . . . (eek!  has it been that
long?!)  I had so much swelling that I peed for DAYS after my daughter was
born, lost 15 lbs from peeing.  I  was "OK" until I would sit down -- then
POOF! like you said . . elephant- man-legs.  I guess in my case it was just
a case of lack of circulation, my kidneys were fine then.  Just to comfort
you -- it's almost OVER!  And then you will have your little bundle of joy.
Hang in there Sherry,  I think you're doing great.  Don't be too tough on
yourself with the 120-140 readings -- your hormones are going nuts right now
. . .
Take care and good luck at the ob today!
Sally G. Dawson  :-)
COM: 270-798-5584
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Fort Campbell, KY
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