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[IP] Mom's reactions to my pregnancy

Maybe it is good that they never told you because "they" were wrong! You are
about to have a beautiful new baby.    They have been living with these
fears and negative feelings for a long time while you are living your life
the way you want.  Do not feel guilty about your pregnancy, that was some
pretty old advice.

-Denise M.
email @ redacted

"This weekend my mom said something about my sister-in-law acting jealous of
the attention I'm getting for being pregnant.  She's been married to my
brother for almost seven years, but somehow thought since she is older than
that she'd present the first grandchild, I guess.  I asked my mom what gave
her that idea, and she said that sister-in-law had the impression I wouldn't
be having any kids.  I asked, "Well what gave her that idea?  Yes, ideally I
would have planned to wait another year or two and have my A1C slightly
when I conceived, but I've always planned on having children."
My mom said that "we'd been told it wouldn't be a good idea for me to get
pregnant".  I said, "well WHO told us that?  No one ever told me!"
Turns out a pediatrician had told her who knows how many years ago that I
should not have kids because of my diabetes.  She did not share this tidbit
with me, let me mention having kids several times over the years and never
commented. I feel betrayed.  Like there was a conspiracy of everyone in the
family making the assumption that I could not have children without ever
consulting me.
It's that DAMNED Steel Magnolias again.  GRRRRR....
Mothers, please talk to your daughters and be informed.  Don't make
Am I supposed to feel guilty now for making my mom worry so much over this
"against advice pregnancy"?  How was I supposed to know she'd been laboring
under this idea all these years?  How many people has she told that I
have children??  How come no one ever told me???

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who, at 35 weeks pregnant, apparently wasn't supposed to have
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