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[IP] Pregnancy - labor and delivery question


I am not on the pump yet  still MDI, but I delivered 2 times without a
glucose IV.  My first  labor & delivery was 4 hours from first twinge to
delivery.  She was 9lbs 4 oz.  The second was induced 8 days early and was 4
hours also. (Another girl 8lbs 11oz)

My sugars did go low with the second (without any insulin) and I used
glucose tabs to bring them back up.  IMHO you know your diabetes better than
anyone and you will probably be checking and adjusting yourself. I trained
my husband to check BG's with my meter and then we would inform my nurse
what it was and how much glucose I took so she could record it. A glucose IV
might really screw up your basal rate and force you to use insulin when you
otherwise would not need it.

You have to trust your instincts and knowledge, question everything and if
you do not like the answers you are getting then find a different Doctor.
My Dr. the second time had a sister who was diabetic from the age of 2 and
had a special interest/knowledge about diabetes.   Most OB/GYNs are use to
dealing with gestational diabetes not type 1's on a pump.

I would be happy to share my experience/opinions with  you on delivery, off
board if you want, we don't want to gross out the uninterested.  I love

email @ redacted

"I'm currently only 21 weeks, but I've already started to think (and
stress) about labor and delivery.  I asked my ob at my check-up on Friday
about self-managing my diabetes while in the hospital.  He advised I would
be put on a glucose drip.  I questioned why and he said that because I'll
be in labor for 12-16 hours (it's my first), and since I won't be able to
eat, they need to give me glucose.  Now I know that this is going to be
strenuous (to say the least), but why the need for glucose throughout the
whole thing?  I could suspend the pump, disconnect, or reduce my basal.
If I'm still going low, THEN they can give me the glucose drip.  This is
my thought anyway.  Can't you just see me asking the nurse -- "how many
carbs are in that???"

Any thoughts or personal experiences?

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