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[IP] Minimed Continuous Glucose Sensor

Hi fellow pumpers

46 years  type 1 diabetic with neuropathy and a bunch of other problems...
In the past even a scratch took forever to heal, but  with my faithful pump
Mamie at my side, I healed beautifully from a broken tibia and fibula
sustained on March 5th of this year. Not the slightest infection following
the insertion of a rod and three pins in my right leg. During this ordeal I
maintained  my HbA1C   at 6.5 and I am just beaming at the incredible
healing power better control offers.  Three months before the accident  my
HbA1c had been  7.3 and I never thought I could do better.  I CAN!!!

I saw my orthopedic surgeon this morning, saw the great X-rays,  and
tomorrow I will start weight bearing then pool exercise down the road. I'm
concerned that the extra exercise from the physio will  upset the balancing
act  I've achieved so far    My endo suggested that I go on the Minimed
Continuous Glucose Sensor for  72 hours to get a better picture of what my
bg is doing between my  finger sticks.   While on the MCGS will I  be able
to do temporary basal rate increases or decreases as usual or is the MCGS
supposed to measure how my present regimen is working without changing
anything?  I'd appreciate some feedback.

Denise Guerin
Minimed 507
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