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[IP] Pregnancy Worries...

Everything has been going pretty well up until now with my bp and everything.  I will be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  But this weekend my ankles swelled up like balloons.  I swear, my right foot looked like the elephant man's. I hadn't been on my feet much, so I wasn't sure why this happened.  So I went out to one of those testing machines in a pharmacy to test my bp yesterday.  I don't know how accurate they are, but I got 152 over 97 and 157 over 96 from two consective tests. I was 120 over 80 just a week or so ago!
Does this sound bad?   I go back to the ob this afternoon.  I'm afraid of preclampsia and things like that, although I'm not exactly sure what that is.  I just know it's bad. My blood sugars have been slightly wonky too.  Yesterday morning I ran slightly higher than I wanted to all morning (140-160) no matter what I adjusted, then in the afternoon I got low every few hours for no reason.  I had a profuse sweating attack in a Target store and was 29.  A cherry Icee was a good benefit of that, but I got low again just a few hours later!
Anyone have any ideas or comforting words here?

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Thinking maybe she should have packed her bag for the hospital already...
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