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[IP] Please need excercise book suggestion


I need to start a REAL exercise program and am having a tough time getting 
started.  Historically I have in the past suffered from hypoglycemic 
unawareness (about one year ago my sugars would drop into the upper 30's 
before I had even the first idea that I was low--once it even got to 22!) and 
think that part of my reluctance is my extreme fear of low blood sugars.  I 
believe if I had some sort of book (or plan) to follow I will be able to 
chart my course and everything else and would be able to stay focused on the 
PLAN!  Right now I am not focusing on losing weight (although I could stand 
to lose about 40 lbs.) I am more focusing on building up some better 
endurance, stamina and working on breathing life into those endorphins that 
have long ago been forgotten!  Maybe if I could get the endorphins going I 
would feel better about a few other things that are going on around me!

Please help me if you can!

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