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Re: [IP] kids forgetting to bolus

In a message dated 4/23/01 8:42:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> When I reflect on how much more he is expected to do for himself than
> his brothers are for themselves, I find real pride in the consistent testing
> and bolusing that does occur and (shoulder shrugging) forgiveness for the
> lapses...his and ours.  

   Excellent advice....Many of us have dealt with this "forgetting" issue 
(including the adult pumpers) & it seems to be a natural part of the 
"learning curve". I found that the best remedy for Melissa was simply how 
awful she felt afterwards if a forgotten bolus led to sky high bgs. 
Remembering the consequences eventually became a sufficient enough motivator 
to correct the "forgetting" problem.
Regards, Renee (melissa's pump mom)
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