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Re: [IP] Can't stay betwen 4 and 7 therefore why bother at all?

Darrin Parker wrote:
> Basals are 100% right on.  resetting them for a squ wave screws things up
> but if I don;t reset for the protien 6 hours later I always get a high in
> the 8-10 range!  Geeze!

This is just brainstorming -- might work for you or might not -- but if
square wave is unpredictable, what about taking a second bolus at a time
appropriate for that 6-hour protein peak? 

I don't know how quickly you react to humalog, nor what your insulin
sensitivity is, but I have used that technique for myself, and I think
it works better than a square wave. I call it a "delayed bolus" and wish
I could just set it and forget about it when I eat, but no such luck --
it requires that I remember to program in the second bolus at the right
time -- difficult for an airhead!!

For me, the schedule is to take the second bolus 2 hours after the meal
-- it means that it will peak just as the previous bolus is just about
finished, and is, in effect, giving me a second peak 4 hours after
eating, which is when I need it for protein. Or perhaps it's a square
wave that commences 2 hours after eating and finished 6 hours after
eating, I dunno!

But if I could design my own pump, I'd include that feature, as well as
a swivel clip (like Dis) to be able to wear it horizontally. 

Good luck, Darrin!

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