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[IP] Re: sils sticking

I'm only reading digests sporadically during these busy days, but thought
Moira might be interested in what we do for my six-almost-seven-year-old's
sils (Tenders) to keep them on during extended swims.  Our method is simple
and, for the past year, pretty darn successful.  Annie uses her upper
buttock/lower back area and upper thighs for sites.  We apply ELA-Max (20
minutes) or Emla (60 mintues) under a sheet of tegaderm before most set
changes, but have used a very cold can of coke several times--and it works
just as well to numb the area.  After wiping off the lidocaine with tissue
and alcohol swabs, we use an IV Prep wipe in a bullseye direction, then
swab the same area with a q-tip of Tinture of Benzoin (gorilla snot).  Let
dry to tacky and insert the needle at a very shallow angle--and not all the
way to the hilt.  We use no tape or safety loop, and Annie swims with her
Disetronic attached for a couple of hours 4-5 days a week (she's on a
year-round swim team).  Sets last us 3-5 days usually, rarely come loose
ahead of time, and are easily removed once we've got another functional one
in place using a single Unisolve wipe.  Hope I haven't jinxed us by sharing
this info, but this is what's worked well for us!

Annie's mama, Charlotte
(first grader, dx'd Xmas 97, pumping since 3/00)
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