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Re: [IP] kinks and HI bgs

<Lori wrote (in part!):>
<Well just had a really BAD afternoon.  Whenever I go shopping at
Wal-Mart, my bg drops.>

Hmmmm, Lori. Fascinating. I just got through telling my daughter,
whenever I go to Sam's Club (a warehouse type store owned by Wal-Mart),
my bg drops as well!  In my case, I think there's probably an
explanation...so much WALKING to get what you want, and then lugging it
in the cart, out to the car (bulk items weigh a lot!), etc., etc. A
similar thing may be true for you at WalMart, since the store is so BIG!

Sorry you had such a rough time...but I can relate to the Wal-Mart/Sam's
club shopping lo's!

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