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[IP] Mixing Humalog and Regular

Has anybody every tried or heard of anyone using a mixture of humalog and
regular in their pump.  Our Dr mentioned it as a saftey net for our 5 yr old
since they can go high so quickly.  We just had a bad experience with an
illness (fever and cold symptoms) and his sugars have been to 500 twice in
the last 3 days.  (not to mention a lot of 300 and 400)  (no or trace
ketones, because we check him so much and have either bolused or gave
injections)  I'm exhausted from no sleep checking him all night for fear he
could go DKA in 4-6 hours.  We love the pump but this is kind of scary.  I
can't really tell if its bad sites, bad insulin, or just the *** illness
causing the bad readings.  We just changed everything tonight (site, and
insulin) I hope this works.  I don't want to changes insulins yet becuase we
are still learning how humalog will work in him.  But this mixture sure
sound alluring right now.  I hope someone has some experience with mixing
insulins and you can tell me Yea or Nay!  Thanks, it comforting knowing you
guys are out there, other than the Docs, there is no where else to turn.

Kim mom to a sick max 5yr and pumping 1half months.
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