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[IP] forgetting to bolus

My 11 yr old son has been pumping for 3 months now.  Over the past month he 
has "forgotten" to bolus for a meal 5 different times resulting in bg levels 
in the 400's.  Does anyone else have this problem or children that have this 
problem, and what can we do to keep  this from happening?  We always talk 
about the number of carbs he is getting and how much he needs to bolus, but 
sometime between talking and 4 to 5 hours latter (when he tests again) he has 
forgetten. We have told him that if he can't remember his responsibilty we 
are going to take the pump away and put him back on shots, which is meet with 
earnest pleas to...take the Ninendo, take the Game Boy... but not my pump!
Please HELP!
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