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[IP] RE: Could use some help - Gals & Guys

>I know this is a YMMV thing but I could use some help with a
>problem that I'm having most every month. (This is definitely a gal
>thing, not to offend any guys on the list).
>Toward the start of my period I tend to go a little high for about 12
>hours before my period starts. This I'm handling by just covering
>the numbers. These are usually in the 200-250 range and I also
>usually end up changing my site just to make sure it's not a bad
>Where my problem comes is either several hours to two days in I
>get extremely low for anywhere from a couple of hours to 48
hours. -----<snip>----
>Gail J Donohue

I don't know that this is strictly a gal thing.  On MDI, I have always
noticed that after ~28 I would have a tendency to run very low for about 4-6
days.  If I recall correctly, my endo said that guys also have cycles
although different and not as pronounced as gals.  Since being on the pump
it is not as noticeable but it is still present.  I am curious to know if
other guys notice a similar pattern.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998
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