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At 03:56 PM 4/22/2001 Linda Kelly wrote:
 >I am holding off filling out survey until I am pumping.
 >What else can be used in pumps?
 >MO is in a pump, a good base insulin, which H is doing now, and H for 
 >Would, could Glargine be used as basal? I know NPH is too unpredictable
 >(with its
 >peaks) H for boluses.

If you are pumping, you don't need to use anything else besides what's in 
the pump, which only holds one kind of insulin at a time. Your basals do 
what your long-term insulin did, except better. Therefore you don't take 
Lente, NPH or Glargine. That's actually the beauty of the pump... because 
your basals are running with short-term insulin, they can be changed during 
the day as needed. As an example, many people have higher insulin 
resistance in the morning, so you would have a higher basal rate then. Some 
people also have something called the dawn-phenomenon which requires more 
insulin after about 3am. So, while the long-term insulins are 
uncontrollable by you after you inject them, the pump basals are highly 
variable to fit you and your lifestyle. And, as we always say here, 
everyone is different.

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