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Re: [IP] HELP! Quick response needed . . .

At 07:44 AM 4/22/2001 Moira C. McCarthy wrote:
 >Lauren's Minimed 508 is broken! Most likely the result of her jumping in the
 >pool with it on (!!!) Anyway, Minimed is wonderful -- they are flying out a
 >pump right now and we will have it by the afternoon. Here is my question:
 >they asked me if I want to keep the refurbished pump they are sending, or if
 >I want them to fix her pump (which we got, new, in early January). Can
 >anyone advise me on which to do? Does it matter? As always, I SO appreciate
 >the advice!

It probably doesn't make much difference. Once yours is repaired, it will 
essentially be "refurbished" too. If the replacement from Minimed looks OK 
and works OK, I would personally keep it. The warrantee is still the same 
in either case.

When do you have to decide??

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