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[IP] Could use some help

Hi all:

I know this is a YMMV thing but I could use some help with a 
problem that I'm having most every month. (This is definitely a gal 
thing, not to offend any guys on the list).

Toward the start of my period I tend to go a little high for about 12 
hours before my period starts. This I'm handling by just covering 
the numbers. These are usually in the 200-250 range and I also 
usually end up changing my site just to make sure it's not a bad 

Where my problem comes is either several hours to two days in I 
get extremely low for anywhere from a couple of hours to 48 hours. 
I'm talking blood sugars 25 to 40 range. And they don't come up 
easy and I have had to suspend the pump for long periods of time 
to get the numbers back up. I usually have pretty good hypo 
awareness but these come out of left field and hit hard and fast. 

This month and last month they started in the middle of the night. 
Fun night for hubby. I would like to be proactive about this instead 
of reactive. but I can't seem to find a pattern that happens every 
month. This month I even tried setting basal down across board 
and I still got slammed with 30 blood sugars at 3am tonight. 

Does anyone else have this problem? Any ideas to track a pattern 
to deal with it better? Anyone know of some reason why when I am 
normally insulin resistant that I could become so insulin sensitive 
during this time of the month? I didn't have this problem pre-pump. 
Or at least not to this extreme that I noticed.

Open to any and all suggestions.Please reply off-list if you need to.
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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