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Re: Re: [IP] I did a bad bad thing!!!

Hi Elizabeth,
I have been ROFL at this thread. I was very tempted to start up 
before training.  It has been my experience that sometimes us 
diabetics have to look out for ourselves and sometimes between 
fighting insurance companies and struggling to get into the doctor we 
get lost in the shuffle. When I went to get a pump I did all the 
research on the net and on the phone with the three pump companies. 
My endo at the time told me pumps were a terrible thing for 
diabetics. This irratated me so I went off and running to another 
endo for a letter of medical necessity. This endo moved away and 
wouldn't write the letter because he was moving. Finally I called my 
pump rep and told him I was very sick and must have a pump. My sugar 
would not come down below 400 and if it did it crashed to about 20. 
He hooked me up with my current endo. The first time she saw me she 
said so I hear you want a pump and cracked up.   
LOL good for you .  Take care and be careful,

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