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Re: [IP] Private messages

Many people on this board speak of their attitudes and behaviors when they 
are high or low.  If you are an adult, this is contributed to the diabetes, 
but when it is a child, it is often labeled as ADD/ADHD.  I have met many 
parents who have dealt with this.  When this question was raised on this 
board, I did not consider it a personal or private message.  Parents need to 
know that these sympthons could be from either condition or a combination of 
both.  We do not need to have our children put on medications for ADD/ADHD, 
without first ruling out reactions of hypoglycemia/hyperglycemia.  Since Cory 
has gone on the pump, it is even clearer to see the effects of lows/highs and 
how much they mimic ADD/ADHD. This is something that I strongly feel parents 
should be made aware of.  We have discussed  many issues that adults face - 
pregnancy, surgery, etc.  The ADD/ADHD is an issue that many of the children 
with diabetes face. Perhaps the parents of Children with Diabetes would be 
better served by going to another website.
Susan, Grandmother of Cory
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