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[IP] Basal Rates/Profiles

> email @ redacted wrote:
> We are having a real problem with various basal rate needs.  Cory's level of
> activity varies a lot from day to day.  On his non active days, we cannot
> keep him in a low enough range even with extra boluses.  On his extremely
> active days, I reduce the bolus for meals, add extra snacks, set temporary
> lowered basals  and he still goes low all night long.  A regular day works
> pretty good unless it was preceded by a few of the other days.  My question
> is how many basal rates or profiles can be set with a MiniMed 508?  I am sure
> there are at least 2 of them.  Somewhere in his start up box there is a
> video, perhaps this will guide us through this problem.  His CDE said that
> basal rates only need to be changed a few times per year, but he definitely
> needs a different amount for his variable lifestyle.
> Good news -- Cory has lost 1 1/2 lbs. since Jan. 16th -- date of pump start
> up!  His endo warned us that he would GAIN weight and the endo was extremely
> concerned about that possibility.  I assured him it wouldn't happen and this
> is the proof we needed.
> Susan - Grandmother of Cory, age 11


The MM 508 has a total of 3 basal profiles.  It would be possible to set a
complete basal profile for Cory's regular, active and non-active days.  You
wouldn't have the safety net that a temp basal would provide by ending at a
specific time, but would make things easier if his needs are consistent for each
type of day.  You would just have to be sure to regularly check which profile is
in use and that it is the right one.  The 508 has an onscreen reminder when
profile A or B is in use.

Great news on the weight loss!  Hoping to do the same here.

Connie & Dot
Pumping 2 1/2 weeks and knows she will need an extra profile for one week out of
each month.
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