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[IP] hemoglobin

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 16:46:22 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] Just a couple of things..hemoglobin tests...

Christy, Elizabeth, and whomever else...

  And please, pros help me out here if I am wrong...the redblood cell test
probably the hemoglobin, where the DMer A1C is hemoglobulin???????  I know
they are actually two different things.  Plus the hemoglobulin test and the
A1C tests are actually two different types of test too????  Again, I am NOT
one of the pros but I am pretty sure that, even though they look and sound
really similar, they are, in fact, spelled and sounds different???

mom to Joshua
- -------------------------------------------------------
hemoglobin is a molecule made of a protein "globin" and a molecue of iron
surrounded by the protein. It has the capacity to attach to and carry
oxygen. when the protein is changed it becomes another type S in sickle cell
anemia and F during gestation for fetal. a1c is a glycosylated hemoglobin
which carries less oxygen than normal hemoglobin. this results in damage to
the retina. so what we are looking at is the protein here.which is
different.Hemoglobin is  hemoglobin for the clinical test done in the
average lab. The type of hemoglobin can be determine by seeing how fast it
travels in an electrcal field, electrophoresis spot
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