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[IP] optic nerve thickenng

Hello IPers
Yesterday I had my annual eye exam.  I think it went
well... maybe.  First off, before I took off on my
bike to go there I tested my bg... 56.  I treated then
left, but was still feeling cranky from the low when I
got there.  Then to my dismay (I know it wouldn't have
bothered me nearly as much if I had not been cranky
from the low) the doc that I have seen for years
(since the early 90's... before I was dx with
diabetes, I have a long family history of eye
problems, and my vision had been doing odd things
itself since I was about 10) wasn't there and this new
guy was.  It really rubbed me the wrong way (somehow I
accidentally got scheduled for him, and not my normal
one).  The whole time I got lectures that I know by
heart about eye problems and diabetes and proper care
of contacts (which furthered annoyed me).  So by the
time I was dialated and he was peering into my eyes, I
was very cross and not asking them best questions (and
I was going low again).  He said that he didn't see
any DIABETIC eye changes.  So I asked well what do you
see.  And he repeated he didn't see any DIABETIC eye
changes.  And I asked well what do you see.  He said
he couldn't tell me until he was done.  (Which by this
point I was really annoyed).  After the exam was done
he said that in my left eye, my optic nerve was
thickened, so it doesn't lay flat against my retina.
He said this could just how I've always been, but my
doctor had never noted it before (which he made it
sound like it was typical of my doc, but it sounds
uncharacterist of her to me).  I've been looking on
the web today trying to figure out what exactly is
happening in my eye, and if I should be concerned.
The doc said I should come back in 6 months to make
sure my contacts fit right (okay, I've worn the same
size, same brand, same prescription of contacts for
literally years, I'm not worried about that), but I
want to know if I should be more concerned about my
optic nerve and do something about it... I don't want
to lose/harm my vision because I had a bad day with a
doc I've never met before.  This past fall was really
rough on me blood sugar wise (my A1c jumped to 8.7 by
Jan, but this week I got it done again and it is down
to 7.9, so I'm getting back on track).  Suggestions?
Knowledge anyone (or where to look for more)?

Maureen dx 10/94, pump 4/99
------------------------------------end of

Great Mo, no retinopathy. i don't understand what this doc was trying to
tell you. the optic nerve is behind the eye, not in it, only the head of the
optic nerve is visible with the direct or indirect ophthalmoscope. There is
a book by Michael Glaser about the optic nerve. Many symposia and seminars
on the optic nerve exist.  Maybe he got annoyed with you and wanted to annoy
you back. A stupid, immature attitude but doctors are people too. Every
diabetic with enough time with the dz under their belt get optic neuropathy,
that is evidenced by pallor of the optic disk. the symptoms are decreased
vision st night when driving. shrinkage is diagnosed by an mri of the orbits
. but with neuropathy the nerve is thinned not thickened. the chief cause of
optic nerve thickening is inflamation of the nerve by uveitis or by
granulomatous meningitis, Stay well Mo, spot
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