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there was a q&a session at the seminar i went to with this doctor in there 
answering the questions!  i was just so shocked at some of his answers and 
tried to keep my mouth shut!
he said he has been working with pump patients for 19 years now and then got 
into explaining the 1500 Rule!  well, as you know i hate to differ (LMAO), 
but isn't it the 1800 Rule for Humalog?  then the whole exercise question 
came up and there was the poor girl who asked why her sugars go UP after some 
exercise and he had no logical explanation for her..... at least i know what 
The Book says about that and tried to explain to them after the class!  then 
he kept contradicting himself and i was getting quite frustrated.... and to 
make it all better, i had a sugar of 41 before the class and at a whole tube 
of tabs, went up to only 53 and basically sat there sweating like a big dork 
during the whole class with sugars that just woulndn't budge... so as he got 
to talking about hypo unawareness, everyone looked at me as i was scarfing 
down the glucose tabs....
geez, what a day, not to mention i broke up with my boyfriend today and of 
course am very upset and have all that to deal with  :O(  OH WELL... i hope 
things get better!

gina, mr clicks (MM508) & mr pokey (FreeStyle meter)
dx'd 11/83..... pumping 2/01 and have never felt better  :O)
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