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Re: [IP] Defective Disetronic Batteries

>Recently, I have encountered 8 or 9 brand new defective Disetronic batteries.
> I continue getting the 02 or 03 error code when I insert them.    After this
>happened 6 times I called Disetronic and they sent me 6 new ones that did
>work.   Since they sent me the new ones I have encountered 2 or 3 additional
>bad ones from a different package.  I'm starting to lose confidence that the
>new batteries will work all the time, especially if away from home.  Anyone
>else ever have new Disetronic batteries that are dead?
>- Tom C.

I understand this is a common problem.  So far so good for me but I rebuild
most of mine with local 357's.  NOTE:  local 357's are no more reliable
than the ones form D.  I have found many bad batteries at several large
chain stores.

I bought a $20 battery testor meter and check each and every battery upon

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