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Re: [IP] Basal Rates/Profiles

>We are having a real problem with various basal rate needs.  Cory's level of
>activity varies a lot from day to day.  On his non active days, we cannot
>keep him in a low enough range even with extra boluses.  On his extremely
>active days, I reduce the bolus for meals, add extra snacks, set temporary
>lowered basals  and he still goes low all night long.  A regular day works
>pretty good unless it was preceded by a few of the other days.  My question
>is how many basal rates or profiles can be set with a MiniMed 508?  I am sure
>there are at least 2 of them.  Somewhere in his start up box there is a
>video, perhaps this will guide us through this problem.  His CDE said that
>basal rates only need to be changed a few times per year, but he definitely
>needs a different amount for his variable lifestyle.
>Good news -- Cory has lost 1 1/2 lbs. since Jan. 16th -- date of pump start
>up!  His endo warned us that he would GAIN weight and the endo was extremely
>concerned about that possibility.  I assured him it wouldn't happen and this
>is the proof we needed.
>Susan - Grandmother of Cory, age 11


This sounds like me.  How about setting the basals for nonactive days and
then doing a 8 or 12 hour basal reduction for the active days?  A bit of
apain as one must remember to reset trhe lowered basal each day but this is
my humble plan.

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