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Re: [IP] System Alarm - Disetronic Pump

>I've been using my Disetronic pump for 16 months now and had something happen
>today for the first time.  I was changing the vial of insulin and was priming
>the tubing when I got an 03 battery alarm.  I changed the battery (which just
>happened to be a defective new battery).  Then got an 02 alarm (which wasn't
>correct).  Then an 07 system alarm!!!
>I pulled out my book, found out I needed to remove both batteries, then
>reinsert the batteries, reset the clock, check basal rates, etc.
>I was really glad I was at home when all this happened as I don't carry my
>book with me for reference.  :)
>Has anyone else gotten this "System Alarm" and do you know what causes it??
>Thanks for your help.

It's my understanding that this can happen when *both* batteries signal a
low voltage alert to teh brain.  It is very rare for both batteries to go
low at the exact same time but could happen if one is removed while the
other goes low.  Hmm ...never thought of this one before!

Anyway after resetting the system with both batteroes removed and holding
the S buttonfor three secs; and then inserting two fresh abtteries; this 07
should clear up - if not call D.

BTW:  I always get my first 02 or 03 while doing a bouls or prime.

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