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[IP] A great big THANKS, a toddler on the pump, and Quick-set hints

My son, Zachary, has been on the 508 for two weeks now and we are thrilled
with the results . . . thanks to extensive research and preparation, pouring
over insulin-pumpers hints, and an excellent diabetes educator.   Zachy just
turned two years old.

Thank you so much for your helpful information and for your experienced
perspectives!  Zach no longer has to cry "No leg 'jection!!" when he sees me
come in, syringe in hand, in the morning.  For the first time since
diagnosis, there is no "sugar" in the urine in his diaper.  It is like
having our sweet baby back again.  You can tell that he feels MUCH better
and I am remembering what it is like to NOT feel stressed out 24 hours a
day.  It has been a real blessing.

We started Z with the Quick-set, and I thought I might pass along a few
hints.  First, we found it difficult at times to disconnect the set.  Now,
before we even prime the set, we rotate the connector part to align the
triangles, and then turn it back.  We are careful to not pull the needle out
of the cannula.  It seems to loosen it up quite a bit, and we have had no
problems disconnecting since.  Also, there appears to be a typo in the
Quick-set  User Guide, on page 5, step 3.  We were instructed to run a bolus
prime of 5 units, not .5 units.  Finally, we have noticed a tinge of blood
in the cannula hub twice.  Neither time was there any effect on the blood
sugar readings.  This, of course, was not true when I hit a blood vessel.
Yikes.  We had to change infusion sets and re-insert.  Lessons learned, and
I am sure there will be more.

Thank you again for all your valuable information and insight.  Let's keep
teaching and supporting each other.

Mom of Zachary, dxd 13 months.  Now 2 and "pumping happy!"
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