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Re: [IP] System Alarm - Disetronic Pump

I've been using my Disetronic pump for 16 months now and had something happen
today for the first time.  I was changing the vial of insulin and was priming
the tubing when I got an 03 battery alarm.  I changed the battery (which just
happened to be a defective new battery).  Then got an 02 alarm (which wasn't
correct).  Then an 07 system alarm!!!

I pulled out my book, found out I needed to remove both batteries, then
reinsert the batteries, reset the clock, check basal rates, etc.

Hi Joyce - I had a very similar thing happen last weekend (when I was at 
church and participating in 4 services!) The 03 went off when I went to bolus 
for a bagel (had eaten very early and was starting to go low), then the 02 
goes off - I changed the 03 battery, but only had 1 with me.  Then the pump 
just went dead, then it started a constant whine - not a beep.  That is when 
I called disetronic - I had NO display at all at that time - so maybe it was 
a 07 alarm.  Got an anwsering service who wanted a number so they could call 
me back - said I was in church - not convient - since I still had to ring 
bells at one more service ended up just taking BOTH batteries out (didn't 
even know that was what I was supposed to do).  when I got home was relieved 
to see I had only gone up to 153 (I was off for almost 2 hrs - plus the 
bagel).  I put two totally new batteries in and haven't had a problem since. 
(knock on wood).  

Linda and Clear Dax (who may find himself replaced by blue dax!)
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