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[IP] kinks and HI bgs (long)

Well just had a really BAD afternoon.  Whenever I go shopping at Wal-Mart,
my bg drops.  So, it was 239 PW (pre-Wal-Mart) and I did take .9 before, as
I am not comfy with 239.  So, I got there at about 8:45 AM, , and left at
10:50 AM.  Bg was 58, so sat in my truck and ate my usual crackers before I
drove.  All was well.  Then called hubby to see if he wanted Taco Bell, and
he did.  So I got myself my Nacho's supreme.  Then went to office and ate,
and nibbled a few, about 6, jelly beans.  Took no insulin for that, as bg
still low.  Then ate a piece of sales rep's pizza, and bolused my usual 1
unit for that.
Well, at about 2pm I felt too tired, and checked bg.  389.  Oops!!  Took 2.5
to drop me to 139.  No such luck.  At 245, it had jumped to 495!  Yikes!!
Took another 3 units, trying to remember the unused insulin rule.  BUT at
3pm, I said to hell with the UIR and gave myself 4 units, as it had then
risen to 595.  I took a shot of insulin , 5 units, and rushed home to change
set.  Meanwhile I am dyeing of thirst, grabbed ice water, guzzled about 3
glasses and did set change. I don't have an extra at work, just syringes and
insulin, so am only 15 minutes from home.  Got here, changed cartridge etc,
used a rapid this time, and now am at 338 and feeling better.
I had been using a sample of ultraset and the canula was kinked worse than
an "L" shape!!  It was horrible.  I thought maybe all the junk food, but no,
it was the canula.  So, I am going to my rapids and not get any ultrasets.
My pharmacy said the MM rep told them they were only for kids anyway!  I
asked her if he was crazy.  I liked inserting it, and its been ok for two
days, but then this.  Oh well, life goes on, thank goodness!  And sorry this
is so long

Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted, or
email @ redacted
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