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[IP] System Alarm - Disetronic Pump

I've been using my Disetronic pump for 16 months now and had something happen
today for the first time.  I was changing the vial of insulin and was priming
the tubing when I got an 03 battery alarm.  I changed the battery (which just
happened to be a defective new battery).  Then got an 02 alarm (which wasn't
correct).  Then an 07 system alarm!!!

I pulled out my book, found out I needed to remove both batteries, then
reinsert the batteries, reset the clock, check basal rates, etc.

I was really glad I was at home when all this happened as I don't carry my
book with me for reference.  :)

Has anyone else gotten this "System Alarm" and do you know what causes it??

Thanks for your help.


Has this happened to anyone else??
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