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[IP] The first law of pumping

Hey Everyone,
 Well,in two days I will finally have my pump
start!Its been a long 2 months waiting for it,but I've
nearly reached it.But it stands to reason that the
week before the start is always the part that goes by
the slowest;I have a theory that time approaches
infinity the closer one gets to the pump start!I think
its been tested so often its a law by now.This weekend
is going to go by increadibly slow,and Sunday night I
know I won't sleep a wink which will make that 3 am bg
check a snap but isn't good for much else.By now I'm
down to counting the hours (41),but by Sunday night
I'll probably be counting the minutes!Anyone else not
sleep the night before?Now I know why they want you to
learn as much as possible beforehand,your brain will
be so sleep deprived you won't be able to retain much
of anything.9:30 am Monday morning is when the
training is scheduled for.I will post again Tuesday on
how it went.And then I will officially belong in the
the insulin pumpers group,and whoever's tired of
hearing my long pre-pumping saga will be glad to know
its over with.Done.From here on out,it will only be
post-pumping woes!
              Heidi(pump start in 40 hours,43 minutes
and 45 seconds on a blue MM 508!)

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