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[IP] What to do with tubing Was: Quickset?

> email @ redacted wrote:

> <snip>

> yet... my order was split between 24" tubing and the 48" tubing.  I'm having

> trouble tucking all the 24" tubing into my pants , etc.  What will I do with
> 48" of tubing?!?!?!  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks, Aynie  40yo, IDDM x30 years, Pumping x2+ weeks


I've been pumping about 2 1/2 weeks also.  I haven't tried the quicksets yet, but
plan to on my next order.  That quick release makes deep dents in my skin and is
uncomfortable at times.  I use the 42" tubing since it makes sleeping easier.  The
one 28" set I used didn't work out quite as well for me.  Anyway, I just let the
tubing go down my pant leg.  It is easier when going to the ladies room and the
pump is clipped to my waistband.  My CDE just shuddered at the thought.  She
thought it would feel like a bug crawling on her leg.  I don't even feel it.  The
only time I've noticed it was in a pair of light colored thin pants.  When sitting
the fabric was stretched across the top of my thigh and I could see a little ridge
where the tubing was.  Shorts in the summer may be yet another matter.  But since
I wear a longer style of shorts rather than the really short ones, it may still be

Connie & Dot (MM508)
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