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Re: [IP] I did a bad bad thing!!!

email @ redacted wrote:
> Ok, don't yell at me but....

What's to yell at????  :) This is the first time I'm going public with
my whole story!

You're not the only one who's done that! (We ought to form a special

Not only did I go on insulin before my "training", but I went on the
pump before my doc even approved it.

In 1997, I had told my doc I wanted a pump, and his reaction was "it's
more trouble than it's worth", and because I thought only Type 1's could
have pumps, I dropped the subject. 

Then, in summer of 1998, a friend of mine got an upgrade, and still had
his old pump and gave it to me. He taught me the mechanics and I had
read both Stop the Rollercoaster and Pumping Insulin, so I figured out
the basals to start with (I already knew my carb ratio), and hooked up
and stayed at his house for the weekend just to be sure someone would be
there in case of a hypo. I used it for about 2 months, and then ran out
of supplies. 

Then I went to my doc's appt. in Oct. and showed him the old pump and
said I wanted to go on it. I was too afraid to tell him I'd already done
it. He immediately said "OK, but why don't we get you a new one?"  

So then we started the LENGTHY, FRUSTRATING rigamarole with ins. co. to
get it approved. I think the doc was a little slow, because he was
trying to think of ways to justify my getting a pump -- couldn't use
poor control, excessive hypos, or pregnancy!!!! And because of less than
competent insurance employees, I couldn't get the SUPPLIES approved
without a fight, AFTER the pump had been approved.

But by the end of January, 1999, I got the pump, and then had to wait
until March to get the training. I didn't let the nurses know I already
knew how to pump, because I was so afraid of getting in trouble. I
discovered I'm a REAL good actress.  :)

I have a hunch I was the doc's first pump patient, because when it came
time to write out orders for the training, he let ME decide on all the
info. Which, of course, I already knew. The nurses were so amazed that
my start-up was so problem free!

Of course, this is MY experience, and I'm not advocating that anyone
else follow in my footsteps -- each person is different, and not
everyone finds it as easy as I did (advantage of being Type Weird).
Also, different people have different feelings about the whole thing,
and different levels of confidence in their ability to "play doctor". I
would never want anyone to do anything dangerous, which is the reason I
never told the whole story before. 

But hey, you've come clean, and now I've done it too!!!! 

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