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[IP] I did a bad bad thing!!!

Ok, don't yell at me but....

Earlier today I got my pump in the mail....first remember it's NOT Skippy and 
secondly remember, it's NOT Bruno....I was told that ALL of Bruno's brothers 
and sisters are all on back order and won't be sent out until some time early 
June. So, I was sent out an Htron and named her Tinker Bell....seeing how I 
have to keep "tinkering" with her to get things set up!! LOL.... So, while 
going through all the info on Tink, I went through the whole process of 
setting all the basils, setting the clocs, the alarms, etc.....then, when 
that was done,  I went through ahd filled the cartridge, primed the tubing 
and was just going to insert the tube but... I swear, when I got to that 
point, something inside me took over!!! It's kind of like hanging a carrot in 
front of a horse's nose. At first, you look at it, sniff it a bit but then, 
something inside you SNAPS and you figure out how to get it....well, that's 
exactly what happened!! I had been tempted just long enough to get that 
sudden urge!!!!  I know I shouldn't be doing this BUT....I've read EVERYTHING 
I need to and went over all thet books, brochures, and videos....IF I get 
stumped, I will STOP immediately but for right now, things look great!  I've 
been pumping for 7 hours now. This is how I am... If I am given a problem, I 
try to figure it out... IF I cannot do it, I'll tell people that. I just 
feel, for me, that it is better to try and figure something out than to just 
let it sit there and collect dust.

So, everyone wish me good luck, especially when I tell my doc!! I'll be 
tweeking all weekend and the nurse will come out on Monday to teach me how to 
use this thingie!!!       Hope you all have a great night....I'm hoping I 
will,  talk to you soon!!!

All my best, 
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