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[IP] Help with questions

Hi all,
  Well, I feel like we are getting alot closer to a pump.  Although I know it 
takes time & patients.  I wrote to Animas, Minimed & disetronic for info 
packets on the pumps.  I got my packet from Minimed today.  I also got a 
message on my answering machine from a rep from Animas.  Okay so now I need 
to know what kinds of questions I should be asking these people about their 
pumps.  I am still so new to all this & I want to make sure I am getting all 
the information I need to make a good decision between the 3 companys.  
  We have an appt. May 18th with our diabetes educator to discuss our game 
plan.  They will be sending us up to Portland to see our endo so Ashley can 
be put on the sensor.  Can't remember what it is called.  But, it is the one 
for 3 days that checks bg 800 times a day.  
  I told my daughters doctor that I would like Ashley & I to take a 
carbohydrate counting class together.  It is definately time she learned.  
  Anyway I wanted to let you know what is going on here.  I want to thank 
everyone here for all the great information I get on this list.  You have 
really helped me along to this point!!!!
  Kim -mother to Ashley 10 years old(not pumping yet)
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