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[IP] Re: Chromium

     When I was first dx way back when in 1982 my endo suggested it.  He said 
that there was no proof that if work but that they knew it was involved in 
the efficiency of insulin binding to the cells.  (For those scientifically 
minded folks, I think it is GLUT 4 transporters).  
     I took it for a number of years in the form of brewer's yeast.  I 
stopped out of stupid teenaged rebellion, plus it doesn't really taste all 
that great.  Over the last 2 years of medical school, I have tried it for 
spurts of time.  When folks started asking questions about it the other day, 
I looked at my bg logs on the computer and did see a moderate decrease in my 
bg despite the fact that studying has replaced exercise as my major past time.
     I personally don't think it has that 'unpredictable' an effect.  It 
isn't going to make 5 units work like 10 units.  Also, any diabetic worth his 
or her salt knows that when you start something new (ie new exercise program, 
new job which might involve new stressors etc) that you have to pay attention 
to how your body feels, what your bgs are, and maintain the balance between 
the insulin and the food.
     I think, biochemically speaking, since the chromium affects the 
receptors and not directly the insulin it should work for both DM 1 and DM 2 
patients.  Granted the only study that I could find dealt with DM 2 patients 
and the ADA did say in 1996 that there was no known benefit.
     When all is said in done, it is up to the individual to decide for 
themselves.  I believe it works, that is usually half the battle.  I actually 
started taking it again the beginning of this week.  I will let you know if I 
see a benefit in a month or so.

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