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At 11:26 AM 4/20/2001 Kimberly Isgar wrote:
 >Has anyone here heard about Noni Juice and how if cures basically
 >everything including Diabetes?

Yes. From what I've read, there are no scientific studies to back up it's 
claims. Anything that claims to cure virtually everything has to be 
extremely suspicious, especially if all they have are testimonials to back 
up their claims. You can always find people that will swear that even 
"sugar pills" (a placebo) have cured everything from cancer to bunions. But 
these testimonials are not produced from a controlled scientific study and 
are usually worthless.

I think that most miracle cures are only miraculous for the pocketbooks of 
those that are selling it. Real cures come from medical laboratories and 
are announced in recognized scientific journals where they are subject to 
peer review and criticism.

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