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[IP] What do I do NOW!

Pumpers and Friends,
   I just got off the phone with my GI doctor, I was told to stop taking my GI drug. I have been part of a drug study for a new form of Propulsid. The drug trial has been stopped as someone has had some kind of heart problem. It is days like today that I'm glad I have a insulin pump. Because I do not have any meds to take to help with my gut I will turn my pump basals down 40% and take bolus 30 to 60 minute after I eat anything, and start checking blood sugars every two hours again. I will now want my BS to be over 150 ml most of the time, the only time lower is when I have someone around to look after me. My A1c is going back up, but I will be alive. 
   I will have my friends start the calling circle again, and tell them how to get into the house. I will change to sleeping during the day and chatting in IRC at night. My friends will call me every three hours 24/7 to check on me so if I have a low blood sugar or get sick, someone will call and if I don't pick up the phone they will come over or call 911. So..................


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