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[IP] Just a couple of things.....

Another thing that I'm confused about.... I went to ,my primary to get
released for surgery and he said NO, he wouldn't release me. He said that my
Hemaglobin was too low at 8.9. Then, he said to me that women need to be at
11.5 at the very least!! Ok, can someone explain this?? I'm REALLY confused.
Guess I should've asked him but I was still in shock, I guess.

This reminded me of when I was in college.  I was home for fall break and I
visited my endo for a regular check-up.  I returned to school and he called me
with the results---my HbA1c was 20.0!  He told me to go to the hospital
immediately and he would recommend an endo there that could help me get on a
better management program.  When I went to the hospital, I told the admissions
nurse that my hemoglobin test came back at 20, and she asked me why I thought
I needed to check in--as that was a perfectly good number.  Turns out that she
thought I meant the hemoglobin test that assesses the number of red blood
cells, and not the hemoglobin A1c test---they are two very different tests,
but the names are similar.  (Needless to say, when finally understood which
test I meant, I got checked in PDQ.)  Your primary probably thinks you are
anemic---I would call him back and clarify whether he thought the test was for
hemoglobin or for hemoglobin A1c.

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