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[IP] Disclaimer For Pumping support Group - Is this okay?

H E L P !
I will be hosting the first Pump Support Group meeting for our area (Nova
Scotia), In june.  As this is a first for me, I am a little wary of how to
word a disclaimer.

So far, the disclaimer reads: We are not medical professionals and this
support group meeting is just that, a support group. Any literature, or
direction given, is for your information only and is not to be considered
'medical advice' unless it is certified as such, or comes directly from a
Medical Professional who may be in attendance.
Does it sound okay?  Does it cover us?  Would you find it intimidating to
attend a meeting if the flyer had a disclaimer on it?  should I save the
disclaimer for the meeting itself?  I didn't want people thinking they could
come and get medical advice from professionals.  We will, of course be sharing
a lot of great ideas, that are proven....but this legal stuff can be scary!

When the flyer is complete, the children's hospital will post it, and it will
also be posted at Diabetic Association offices, and pharmacies.  The
children's hospital is also going to give it to any pumpers who they see until

I have also mentioned it in my website Newsletter, which is a new addition to
our updated website.

Any other ideas on advertising it?  I am fronting the cost of the boardroom to
hold it, but can't afford to advertise it in the regional newspaper although I
can get it advertised for free in a local weekly edition.

much thanks!!
Barb, mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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