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[IP] Re: Korinne

I've been reading the posts in reply to yours and wanted to, publicly, add a
couple things to the message I sent to you privately.
First: I agree with the "good riddance" sentiment re: the ex. I was also
happy to see there are quite a few of us out here, successfully living alone
(pets count, but can't administer glucagon so I didn't include my Loyd
<grin>). It may be more difficult to not have someone around on a regular
basis, but if the one who's around isn't supportive and helpful, he might as
well not be there.
Second: Not that the reaction from the women at work was in ANY way
appropriate, but it may have come from fear, not evil-ness. Reactions can be
really scary and if they're watching with no idea what to do, they may not
know how to deal with the emotions of it. If you're feeling tough enough,
you might suggest an educational lunch or something. If you don't want to
teach them all about your diabetes, you might at least let them know that
the teasing really hurts and only makes it more difficult for you to manage
the condition. If, unlike my co-workers who have been amazingly supportive
since they all heard me yelling at my insurance co. on my cell phone in the
conference room, they really are just mean, well, there's no hope for them
and I wish for you that you can find a job where you can work with good
people. It makes a huge difference in my life.
Oops, sorry this got so long...
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