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[IP] Re: the book

> I think some folks may be reading things into
Lori's original post. She
> said in that post, "I am not overly religious...."

I'm sorry that I didn't make myself clear.  My point
was that religion was entered into the discussion,
whether at the beginning or later.  If the intent
was to down play the improtance of THE BOOK that is
understandable.  What I had learned, back in the
ancient days of the early '90's, was that
capitalizing signified yelling.  The posters
(whether using capitals or not) intended it to have
'a heightened sense of importance' because that was
how they felt.

> So maybe we all should relax and let this one rest
for a bit....

Actually, I just think that attempting to stop this
type of syntax is just a little silly in the first
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You've got to be very careful if you don't know
where you are going because you might
not get there.
 - Yogi Berra
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