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Re: [IP] Insulin nasal spray.....

It's not a nasal inhaler but an inhaler through your mouth.

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>Subject: [IP] Insulin nasal spray.....
>Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 13:01:25 EDT
>I had spoke with my endo yesterday (He's not very useful I might add...I go
>in, tell him what I want, what I need signed, whatever and then I leave) 
>he told me that the insulin inhaler is coming out next year and YES it is 
>type 1 diabetics. Hmmm....how accurate is it?  How do we know how much we
>sniffed up and how much is still slimeing around in our nostrils? Plus, for
>you guys out there with hairy nostrils, how are you going to get the right
>amount if the hair catches most of it??? (Shave the inside of your nose??)
>Anyhow, IF this nasal spray does come out, I'd use it!!! Better than EVER
>having to stab yourself.  Also, IF it's reliable, most likely, most type 1s
>will want to be on this. I think it's a positive step for diabetics!! I 
>it shows we're progressing in our disease's treatment.
>Oh, just a little rant here...if you don't want to hear it...please cancel
>post now.....
>While I was at my doctor's office getting him to sign some paperwork, I 
>him that
>he has a meeting with the Dis rep on Friday.  My doc says yes, he knows but
>he's NOT wanting to learn about the Dis pump. He said he put that it was
>medically necessary for me to get the MM pump and my insurance turned him
>down. So now, because he ONLY wants to meet with MM, he wants to know 
>about Dis!! So, I'm on my own with this one he said.  Also, when I called 
>to ask when my pump was getting here, they said that the Dtron is on back
>order until June...So, I have to use an Htron until then.  An Htron? If
>that's what I wanted, I would have ordered that one!!!! My insurance 
>carriers in June!!! LOL....so perhaps by then, I'll be on my Blue 
>Shield PPO and they'll approve of me being on the MM!!! Then, I can get 
>one!! Heee heee, never know!! Whoo hoooo
>Ok, end of my little rant,
>All my best,
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