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Re: [IP] Bashing on the IP


I am happy and touched you sent this to the list!  You are a real winner!

I think right now JP needs to hear a lot of positive and needs our support.

As I siad to you privately:  "Depression is simply the inablity to think
straight".  Again I've witnessed roommates' sucides too.. ...not to mention
the raccoon I had to kill tonight after hitting it.  Thank goodnes I carry
a 12" crescent wrench.  Would never use that on a fellow IPer though ;-/ ;-/

I think we all learned a great lesson from this exchange as you point out:
Tolerance and giving the benefit of the doubt to someone else is paramount

IMHO this list is support for information and all the other needs of the
diabteic person.  It is hard enough to cope w/ diabetes let alone other
problems in life or in health.

I admire many of the list contributors for their wisdom, expereince and
caring natures.  And those w/o experience as I am to a great extent; their
courage in trying to improve their lives!  I'm glad JP is still with us.
She's valuable.

Thanks Ann.

>I just read JP's letter of apology and Darrin's reply and I was very touched
>So I thought this would be a great time to point out that we all seem to jump
>to conclusions, and for the most part we are wrong.
>Whenever I read something I don't like I just delete it and let it go.
>I did write JP, but just to point out that Darrin was answering a question. I
>also wrote a letter to her and apologized if I was one of the IPers to make
>her feel bad.
>We all need to be a little more giving and a bit more patient. :)
>JP it was very BIG of you to write to Darrin and explain. I for one applaud
>Hope you all are doing well!!!
>email @ redacted
>If you go through a day and learn nothing, you were not paying attention. :)
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Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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