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another exerpt from a Medline search that might help those who docs are
against the pump......i'm only trying to help here!  there is a huge article
with much more than this talking about what the beliefs are about pumping and
what actuality is, ie, low sugars not occuring as thought, etc......

Reemergence of Insulin Pump Therapy in the 1990s continued...
Med J</A> 93(12):1157-1161, 2000. ) 2000 Southern Medical Association]
Indications And Requirements

Insulin pump therapy should be considered for the patient with type 1
diabetes who is unable to achieve the desired American Diabetes Association
standard of HbAlc </=7% with conventional multiple insulin injections.[7]
Pump therapy should also be considered in those patients with wide,
unexplained excursions in blood glucose levels or frequent unexpected
hypoglycemic events.[21] The woman with type 1 diabetic who is planning
pregnancy or is not able to achieve ideal glucose levels during pregnancy
should be considered for pump therapy. The patient who desires life-style
flexibility may benefit from using the basal-bolus system of pump
 This is particularly appropriate in the individual with a variable meal,
work, or activity schedule. An intense or severe dawn phenomenon with
exaggerated morning hyperglycemia is also an indication for pump therapy. The
patient with type 2 diabetes who is having major difficulties with glycemic
instability with standard insulin therapy may also benefit from CSII
therapy.Proper application of CSII therapy requires multiple daily blood
sugar determinations and frequent encounters with diabetes care
professionals, particularly in the early stages of pump training. Patients
must be able to estimate food portions and appropriately match mealtime
insulin dosages to carbohydrate portions.[19] Individuals considering pump
therapy should be appropriately motivated to achieve normal blood glucose
levels. Candidates should have an adequate support system to deal with the
increased socioeconomic demands of initiation and maintenance of insulin pump
therapy. The American Association of Diabetes Educators' position statement
provides an accurate portrayal of the prerequisites of pump therapy success:
"a motivated patient with technical skills and self-management capabilities .
. . developed with the support of a team knowledgeable in insulin pump
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