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[IP] Metformin

i got this off a medline search and copy and pasted it:

A number of fascinating reports discussed treatment with metformin. Jones and 
colleagues[1] studied 82 children with type 2 diabetes aged 10 to 16 years 
who had an average HbA1c of 8.6%, fasting glucose of 182 mg/dL, and weighing 
92 kg. Results of this study showed that metformin at a dose of 500-1000 mg 
twice daily lowered fasting glucose levels by 43 mg/dL in 40 patients. 
Patients in the control group (n = 30) experienced an average 21 mg/dL 
increase in blood glucose levels. Metformin treatment did not produce a 
change in body weight, suggesting that it should be used in the treatment of 
pediatric type 2 diabetes. In another fascinating study of pediatric 
diabetes, Walravens and colleagues[2] studied 80 teenagers with poorly 
controlled type 1 diabetes, with mean HbA1c of 9.6%, despite treatment with > 
1 unit insulin/kg body weight. Metformin 500 mg twice daily was given to half 
of these patients. Assessment at 3 months showed that compared with placebo, 
metformin decreased HbA1c (9.4%vs 8.7%), decreased mean blood glucose (224 vs 
190 mg/dL), and decreased body weight (70 vs 64 kg). 
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