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[IP] Chromium Polynicotinate

i know most of these chromium supplements are chromium picolinate, but my
bottle says chromium polynicotinate.  i was wondering what the different
is... i found this on the web and also read that this kind of chromium is
also an appetite suppressant... I dont know... all i know is it really,
really made me low all day!  i will wait to see what happens tomorrow...i
just took another one :O)
ps   Jan, I'm trying with the ..... and the !!!!!   she knows what i mean....
What is Chromium Polynicotinate?
Chromium polynicotinate  consists of pure niacin-bound chromium, identified
by United States Government researchers as the active component of true GTF
(Glucose Tolerance Factor).  GTF is responsible for binding insulin to cell
membrane receptor sites.  Without GTF, insulin is useless.  Chromium
polynicotinate has been shown to possess greater biological activity and is
safer than other chromium supplements.   Chromium polynicotinate's ability to
potentate the effects of insulin and to help overcome insulin resistance in
overweight people, make it a powerful weapon in the fight against fat.  Type
II diabetes, or non-insulin dependent diabetes, make up ninety   percent of
the people who suffer the effects of diabetes. 
With just 200 micrograms per day, chromium has been shown to be effective in
lowering blood glucose levels by 18% and glycosylated hemoglobin by 10%.
Chromium also seems to stimulate thermogensis---the burning of fat without
any physical exertion.
The effects of chromium polynicotinate on insulin are important because
insulin is a potent hormone involved in protein, fat and carbohydrate
metabolism and participates in physiological control mechanisms such as: 
appetite control, curbing sugar and carbohydrate cravings and fat burning.
The only way to achieve the benefits of chromium is through daily
supplements.   According to Dr. Richard Anderson of the United States
Department of Agriculture,   90% of us get less than the recommended minimum
amount of chromium---daily recommendation 50-200 mcg. as a treatment for
obesity and insulin resistance, it has been suggested that 400 mcg of <A
chromium polynicotinate</A> be taken in a daily supplement.
Sources of chromium polynicotinate are available <A
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